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Blog Post #1: Introduction + Blogger Tips

Once again, my name is Kourtney Detty. I'm working on my Elementary Education degree with a dual license in Art as well as PreK Education. My goal is to eventually become a part of a prep school! Generally, I believe you can't judge anyone or anything until you've been in their shoes or experienced what they have been through. Because of that, I try almost anything and think I am a pretty accepting person. I work really hard and take everything I do seriously. (If I don't care about it, I won't do it). I'm really easy to get along with because I hate it when people don't like me or are mad at me.  I keep organized by writing everything down.  I thought a blog would be a good way to keep track of my educational ideas. 
I love Pepsi, pizza, and Perez Hilton a lot. They are all unhealthy obsessions, but I just can't help myself.
I also have a dangerously close addiction to shopping online.

When creating this blog these tips were very helpful:
1. Create a Blog Personality
Don't formulate your posts. Let your voice shine through. Give your blog a personality.
2. Be Consistent in Your Posts
Be consistent. When starting out, try to post at least three times a week, preferably every other day.
3. Keep It Simple
Don't get caught up in the length of your posts. They don't have to be long. They can be random thoughts or tidbits of news regarding your industry. The key is to make them interesting.
4. Allow Comments
Allow comments. You can moderate comments, but comments create the viral effect by allowing your readers to interact with you. You will also want to research and comment on relevant industry related blogs.
5. Focus on Your Title
Titles draw traffic. Be creative. Not only do they capture the attention of potential readers, but those search engines love blog titles. A rule of thumb is to keep your title under ten words.

Keep in touch!
Kourtney D.